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Do you support the installation of wind turbines on Jacks and Stone Mountains?

  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. I need more information.
  4. It doesn't matter to me.
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Sep-30-14 11:04 AM

I think that the turbines should not go on top of the mountain because 1. they will not be benefiting us at all. 2. They will destroy the mountain to put the turbines on. I have property up there that would be destroyed if they go up.

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Mar-24-14 5:54 PM

I've checked into wind turbines. First, they 'are' inefficient and an eyesore. Further development on solar would be a much better option, and would not carry with it the health hazards that result from exposure to the low level noise and flash effect caused by wind turbines. Not to mention, these companies move into an area and take over with no regard whatsoever for the population or it's health. Those of you talking about how great wind turbines would be need to do more research, or stop listening to the company's hype and money, whichever the case may be per individual.

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Mar-24-14 10:11 AM

Transmission losses make remote siting of wind farms questionable. Ideally turbines should be sited on very tall masts as close as possible to the places where the power will be used like cities and suburbs. Only when every usable spot in those places has been filled should it be possible to build further out. This would protect environmentally sensitive areas, preserve historically important places and maintain unspoiled areas for future generations.

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Mar-23-14 3:28 PM

I do not support the installation of windmills on the ridges overlooking the beautiful Kish and Stone Valleys. The character and charm of these great places would be permanently disrupted to the financial benefit of outside companies to the detriment of local quality of life and the local tourism concerns.

I only wish the local Amish and Mennonite communities were more politically active.

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Mar-23-14 1:54 PM

I'm also a glider pilot and I'd hate to see the ridges ruined by wind turbines. Europe has been installing these more aggressively and the consensus there is the same. They're noisy, unsightly, and cause a hazard to air navigation. There is currently a similar petition to prevent the construction of wind turbines in the German Palatinate Forest. Furthermore, wind turbines break all the time and the cost per MWh rises continually after installation until they're no longer economically feasible to operate after 12-15yrs due to maintenance costs. After that, new ones will have to be built.

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Mar-22-14 1:07 PM

BBGlider is right - for glider pilots, these ridges are a national treasure that cannot be duplicated. Pilots come every year from all over the country to enjoy the beautiful scenery and amazing soaring conditions. The turbines are an air navigation hazard that will put an end to these activities forever.

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Mar-22-14 1:02 PM

It's important to keep in mind that from an electricity generation perspective wind power is "non-dispatchable", which means if the wind isn't blowing enough, you don't get electricity. This means that for every new megawatt of wind generation you add you also have to build a megawatt of backup generation (usually coal, gas or nuclear). Wind energy will never be cost competitive with dispatchable, base load forms of generation. In the end you are stuck with capacity that is expensive and unreliable - and having to pay for the extra capital and operating costs out of tax dollars so you can subsidize it enough that people will buy it. Germany has gone down this path over the past few years and electricity costs are skyrocketing - industrial customers argued global cost competitiveness to get subsidies and consumers, who mostly can't relocate easily, are*****with the bill.

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Mar-22-14 11:48 AM

I am a glider pilot, who comes every spring to your wonderful valley to enjoy the fantastic scenery and the very special gliding conditions. Wind turbines will put an end to our ability to fly along the ridges. I hope you enjoy seeing us flying along, and I hope our tourist dollars do a bit for the local economy, so I hope you'll join us in opposing turbines on these very special mountains.

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Mar-17-14 9:32 PM

I moved to the Big Valley less than a year ago. I move here because it is so lovely a valley nestled between two pristine ridges. This land has a timeless quality predominantly free of the clutter of modern society, which is rare and worth preserving. I would like it to stay the way it is and will vote NO. Why is this happening in a valley where many of the residents do not even use electricity? I think if we look to our neighbors and learn how to live with less we will be gaining an energy perspective that can give us hope for a future with pristine mountains and unspoiled state parks. And if we choose not to use the energy or products from corporate giants they will have to go away. Dreams do come true, please vote NO!

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Mar-14-14 1:09 PM

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Mar-14-14 11:09 AM

Cost and Jobs-

Wind is an emerging field with a lot of promise. The cost of wind energy has dropped 85% in the last 20 years, which makes wind competitive with our traditional, nonrenewable energies today. If we look at the other benefits to wind, it's obvious it is more competitive than oil, gas, and coal. Turbines do not pollute the air or water, it does not require the use of water (which is valuable in times of drought), and it does not require fuel that fluctuates with the market prices (wind is a free source of energy). Wind is more economical than nonrenewable energy, especially if you factor the social costs in addition to a lower utility bill. For roughly ever 100 turbines, over 1,000 jobs are created which last the lifetime of the project (30+ years). Wind employs more workers than the coal industry, but more importantly is that it is the fastest growing energy sector in this country.

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Mar-14-14 10:44 AM

There are a lot of misconceptions about wind energy. It has flaws, but there are a lot of benefits being overlooked and myths being perpetuated.

-Bird Deaths Studies in multiple countries have revealed that wind turbines would cause negligible deaths in bird populations. The top cause of bird deaths are due to cats, followed by collisions with power lines, buildings, and vehicles, in that respective order. Technology in wind energy, such as radar and GPS, greatly reduces the number of bird deaths. Even the design of the turbine can lessen its ecological impact. Regardless, it's still much less than the deaths caused by the oil and gas industry every year. If we don't cut carbon emissions by adopting a variety of alternative energy sources, birds will die due to warmer global temperatures.

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Mar-14-14 10:34 AM

You People kill me. Everyone complains about buying foreign oil… We have coal we could use here in the US, but don't burn coal its dirty. We have oil in Alaska, but were not to drill ther There is a huge pocket of Natural Gas, but drilling will hurt the environment. So we turn to Clean Wind Power ands nobody wants it in their back yard. I wish I owned a mountain, I would let them do it. Oh, I almost forgot, forget about those Electric Cars. The plug in stations around town will look awful.. People, This isn't about Now. Its about our kids future. If we do not start embracing these things our children will have no choice but to be in the same hole as we are in.. Depending on other countries for our energy.. OK so maybe the Wind Generators are not as efficient as they should be. I don't think you can improve on anything until you try…. By the way, The US is 2nd in leading the world in Wind Power. China is first. There are also 10 other contries using wind power efficiently

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Mar-05-14 9:57 AM

I grew up in Big Valley, but since have moved away. I still visit the area often and love riding my motorcycle through the valley and always stop at the area of the Alter on Jack's Mt. It is a beautul view (except where the slobs dump their trash) and the solitude of this spot has been visited for years by so many. I just can't picture this historical site with the breath taking view ruined by those ugly and noisy turbines marring the countryside. Anyone that is for this needs to take a ride to the Mt's of West Va. and see what these monstrocities do to a Mt landscape.

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Mar-03-14 12:52 AM

Wind turbines installations are deployed after pressure from financial or ideological interest groups. Even after several decades of technical development, wind energy remains economically unviable. Thus, wind farms devour colossal amounts of public money leading to their dependence upon an artificial market for their very existence. Moreover this artificial market has no ecological benefit.

The growing number of wind turbines makes it necessary to upgrade the high voltage transmission system and to build more control installations because experience shows that grid stability is threatened by the erratic nature of wind energy.

Wind farms are significantly altering natural heritage by their harmful effect on landscapes . They have a severe impact on property values which for homeowners often represent the fruits of a lifetime of work; Wind farms degrade the local residents' quality of life, even damaging the health of some; Wind farms imperil wildlife and destroy natural h

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Mar-02-14 3:09 PM

Any communities that require wind project approval that is based upon accurate (not rigged) current population studies, yearly mortality studies (not rigged with undersize search areas and lengthy search intervals) for the life of the project will not have to worry about wind project being built in their communities. In addition accurate cumulative impacts studies for the species being impacted with absolute mortality mortality thresholds will also curtail any projects.

The reason is that these turbines will definitely slaughter off the local raptor and bat populations.

Goodhue County, MN won against this industry because they were unified and had a take-no-prisoners attitude about accountability. They were going to protect their eagles and other local species. They were not going to rely on rigged studies and they were going to monitor turbines and wildlife with cameras. There would be no lying about the impacts an in the end project developers had no choice but to pull out.

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Mar-02-14 3:03 PM

This industry has been living on lies, deception and fraud because there are virtually no regulations.

It has all been rigged and it has been rigged from the top down for decades. With voluntary regulations there will always be a free pass allowing the slaughter of protected species. It was all quietly set up this way in Washington. With these voluntary regulations Texas wind farms have been allowed to kill thousands of eagles over the last 25 years and they have only reported 1 eagle death. With these regulations whooping crane has been reported killed by a wind turbine; their population stopped growing years ago and the FWS has stopped giving accurate population figures.

My specialty is wildlife and I can say and prove that the industry is clearly rigging their mortality studies. Eagles birds and bats at every project are being slaughtered off and until there are regulations the public will never be told the real number. Regulations would also the world their fraud.

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Mar-02-14 1:53 PM

MN rural electric ratepayers lost 70 million in 2011/100 million in 2012 as they were forced to buy wind energy it did not want & could not use. Energy produced when not needed was sold at loss or sent to ground but still had to be bought at a higher rate promised to so called "Renewable Energy". The poor are especially vulnerable to this financial drain. It doesn't matter which state your from.

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Mar-02-14 1:41 PM

Don't let this Happen as it did w/AWA Goodhue/New Era proposed wind project. Easy connection to the grid, federal & state subsidy money were the deciding factor in siting. People, wildlife & the environment are minimulized with creative mitigation suggestions. Environmental documents were intentionally misleading obtained by doing desktop studies using outdated information from DNR websites & Google searches. Knowingly starting a “ Neighbor/Family Fued” to obtain signatures on contracts in order to gain control of land rights is signature where wind development has occurred. Divide & Conquer methods are well know tactics of wind developers. Goodhue County was no exception. Brothers & sisters, fathers & sons no longer speak. A 150th church anniversary was silent as neighbors would not speak to one another. Non Disclosure clauses in contracts keep facts hidden.This project was exposed & stopped. Coalition for Sensible Siting has good information on wind d

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Mar-02-14 11:31 AM

I don't support wind turbines on Jacks and Stone mountains. These turbines kill hawks and eagles. Our area is a major flyway for these birds and wind turbine companies are immune from prosecution for killing these birds. Corporate Fascism!

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Mar-01-14 8:05 PM

After attending a meeting to learn the truth about the wind turbines, I am vehemently opposed to the desecration of our beautiful Jack's mountain.

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Mar-01-14 10:20 AM

This poll is NOT representative of our area since the Amish and Mennonite residents do not have access to vote and the turbines would have a huge negative effect on their lives.I have spoken to many of my Amish neighbors and they are upset because the turbine construction could possibly disrupt their mountain springs and reservoirs which they depend on.

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Mar-01-14 8:49 AM

Wind turbines on Jacks Mountain will destroy the mountain forever. Long after these turbines stop working and for very FEW people will benefit from it. Jacks has marginal wind at best, yet the turbine companies will tell you that it's good. The water shed from the steep slopes of Jacks will be altered and neither turbine company has ever erected a wind farm along a mountain as steep as Jacks. The electricity that is produced from these turbines will not stay in this area and will NOT decrease your elect bill. Pennsylvania already over produces electricity and 30% of what it makes to other states. The turbine companies will make millions and they will then go away leaving the mountain desecrated all for the sake of money. Only the few landowners who lease their land will benefit and they will find in the long run that they won't make as much money on this deal as they think!! Our beautiful mountain is destroyed & the wind turbine companies don't care! Please vote NO!!!

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