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Be careful what you ‘jokingly’ wish for your child

August 21, 2009
Lewistown Sentinel

I'll be the first one to admit this, but I never thought my daughter would be walking at 9 months old. Not more than two and a half months ago, she was learning to crawl. I remember the date - it was June 4 and she took her first two crawling motions forward on my mom's living room floor.

Needless to say, I was shocked and very proud of my little girl. I called my fiance right away and left him a voicemail message on his cell phone with the good news. He called me back, very excited, and told me that she had been "rocking" back and forth on the floor at his house for quite some time. This monumental milestone in her life had been imminent.

On and on she crawled, to and fro my little girl went. In a matter of days, she was crawling faster and faster, and within a matter of weeks, she was crawling on top of things and in and out of the shower - all over the place.

After her adventures in crawling began, my fiance and I "joked" amongst ourselves how wonderful it would be if our daughter would be able to take her first few steps on the warm sunny Virginia coastline, which is where we would be spending our summer vacation.

"It would be perfect!" my fiance said. "Just imagine if she could take her first baby steps on our first family vacation!"

The image seemed too picturesque. After all, my baby just started crawling and she needed to continue crawling, in my opinion, for another six months or so. Well, my little girl didn't seem to like the idea of crawling around on the floor.

She didn't really get the hang of the concept all that well, either. She kind of dragged her left leg along the floor while her right leg did all of the crawling. If you watched her closely, she looked an awful lot like a pirate dragging its peg leg across the floor.

It was actually kind of amusing to watch, but my fiance was gung-ho on helping our daughter learn how to walk for our summer vacation. Gently he would place one of his fingers in the palms of her hands and walk her all around the house. Giggles would erupt from them both as they cruised around in circles and after our dogs.

Seeing them race around the house together was cute, but I never really thought all of that practice really would have paid off in the end.

Well, be careful what you wish for. About two months after she learned how to crawl, my little girl was standing up on her own and wobbling toward her very first step. Of course she would fall down, go boom and try again. Yet, we never saw any actual progress.

That is, until the first week in August, my fiance was finishing up work on his mom's dining room before we left before vacation. As he was finishing, his future brother-in-law turned to us and said, "Do you know Emma is walking?"

We both looked at each other and just laughed.

"No!" we said at the same time. We turned to look at our daughter as she clung onto the stove, and then she took her very first step, and two more. She was walking.

During the second week in August, she was walking on her very own - on our vacation. Isn't it funny how things work out?

It's nearing the end of August and our daughter will soon be 10 months old. Just a little more than two and half months ago, my fiance and I "jokingly" made a wish - and it came true. I wonder if I jokingly wished to win the lottery, that would come true, too.

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