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MCSD adds non-traditional school options

August 25, 2014 Non-traditional education, online learning, and customization ... more »»

MCO tailors to diverse educational needs

August 25, 2014 The Mifflin County School District recognizes that the educational needs and learning styles of students are as unique and varied as its diverse population; consequently, a traditional... more »»

Back on schedule

August 25, 2014 Every caregiver either dreads or celebrates (most likely, a little bit of both) the idea of their children going back to school after a long summer break. more »»

Let school style show a unique personality

August 25, 2014 Get ready for it — pool days will soon become school days. The sun is still beating down on the Juniata Valley but “back to school” signs are appearing in the windows of area retailers. more »»

More than books

August 25, 2014 Are you ready? The start of school means nightly homework, book reports, science projects and other learning experiences. more »»

Practice makes perfect

August 25, 2014 When I was a boy, I used to read whatever I could get my hands on. I didn’t always understand what the words said, but I read them anyway. At the breakfast table, I read the cereal box. more »»

Showing spirit

August 25, 2014 COCOLAMUS — Did you ever wish you could be a team mascot? At East Juniata High School, some students last year got to do just tha. more »»

Library recommends books for kindergarten students

August 25, 2014 LEWISTOWN — Is your child in kindergarten and needing a bit of reassurance? The following books will help answer their questions! ¯ “Henry’s Fist 100 Days of School,” by Nancy Carlson — On the firs... more »»

Creative costumes

August 25, 2014 When did Halloween become a Walmart Holiday? Plastic costumes with flimsy masks do not a costume make! I’ll admit I had fallen into that tra. more »»

Crafty cards

August 25, 2014 Kids like to fit in, but that doesn’t mean they like to be exactly like their classmates. Their backpacks and lunchboxes set them apart from each other at the beginning of the school year. more »»

Private schooling is an option to consider

August 25, 2014 My kids go to private school. Before you pass judgment, let me go over a few things. There have been many comments made to this family since we enrolled our oldest daughter in the fall of 2010. more »»

Renewed outlook

August 25, 2014 The administration, faculty and staff of the Mifflin County Academy of Science and Technology (formerly the Mifflin-Juniata Career and Technology Center) are excited to enter the inaugural year at... more »»

Up and about

August 25, 2014 It’s back-to-school time and that can also mean the return to common sicknesses parents can expect their children to bring home with their homework. more »»

Food for thought

August 25, 2014 After we have been told that a child’s attention span, concentration and memory are impacted by the daily nutrition they receive, we regain our motivation for packing nutrient-rich meals for our... more »»

Board comes together for students’ best interest

August 25, 2014 Being a member of the Board of Directors of the Mifflin County School District provides an exciting, challenging and unique opportunity to address the needs of our community’s youth. more »»

On the sidelines

August 25, 2014 The summer and autumn months are a beautiful time in central Pennsylvania, offering gorgeous weather and plenty of opportunities for children and families to engage in outdoor activities. more »»

Pack the perfect picnic

June 3, 2014 LEWISTOWN — The summer months are the perfect time to be outdoors and have a picnic with your family. more »»

Away from home

June 3, 2014 LEWISTOWN — Summer has arrived! You’ve survived another academic year! Now it’s time for sleeping in, vacationing and relaxing. more »»

Exploring outdoors

June 3, 2014 To the north, an opportunity to camp right along one of the very best trout streams in the state. To the west, a chance to travel back in time to a once-booming town that’s no longer there. more »»

Summer-weather precautions for expectant women

June 3, 2014 LEWISTOWN — Summer heat can be uncomfortable for everyone, but it can take a greater toll on expectant mom. more »»



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