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GOP isn’t only party worried about division within its ranks

May 17, 2016 Just a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton and other Democrat Party leaders were chortling with glee at what they called disarray in the Republican Part. more »»

Simply labeling terrorism as ‘mental illness’ doesn’t do it justice

May 16, 2016 German authorities say there is no link between Islamic terrorism and a man who stabbed four people at a train station Tuesday. The attacker is just mentally ill, they explain. more »»

We must demand more of our president than just ‘playing the game’

May 14, 2016 Though it should not be unexpected, there are always shockwaves near the end of presidential administrations when someone lifts the veil and we are reminded of the way politicians really think and... more »»

Obama: The environmental president ... except when he isn’t

May 13, 2016 President Barack Obama wants us to think of him as the environmental president. It just isn’t true. more »»

Subway users may have more to fear from system itself

May 12, 2016 Because terrorists have targeted subways several times in the past, security officials often pay special attention to that mode of transportation. more »»

Long-term effects of low oil prices could cripple US

May 11, 2016 America’s need for natural gas and oil has not lessened. To the contrary, as more and more gas-fired power plants are built, demand will soar. more »»

North Korea is a threat to world peace

May 10, 2016 North Korea clearly is working feverishly to increase its military capability and to heighten worry about it among other world leader. more »»

US officials need to rethink strategy against ISIS

May 9, 2016 For weeks we have warned that feeding U.S. troops into Iraq and Syria in relatively small units risks a massacre of them by Islamic State terrorists. A U.S. more »»

Teachers positively change lives every single day

May 7, 2016 Along with the enormous rewards enjoyed by good school teachers comes terrible frustration. Many wish they could do more for their students. more »»

Trump should tap Kasich as running mate; and Kasich should accept

May 6, 2016 Ohio Gov. John Kasich fought the good fight for his fellow Americans. He should be given the opportunity to continue doing so — and should take it. more »»

Obama’s refugee plan must be halted until security loopholes are closed

May 5, 2016 We Americans have big hearts. They go out to people forced from their homes by vicious terrorists, including the Islamic State. But we have wide-open eyes and ears, too. more »»

Decision to increase speed limit on some Pennsylvania roads is perfectly fine

May 4, 2016 It was announced Monday that speed limits on some major roadways in Pennsylvania, including the Pennsylvania Turnpike, would be raised to 70 mph from the previous limit of 65 mph. more »»

A more effective strategy is needed for North Korea

May 2, 2016 A new missile defense system will be deployed in South Korea, despite Chinese opposition, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told reporters last mont. more »»

Obama’s show of a lack of force leaves U.S. troops vulnerable

April 30, 2016 Feeding more American troops into Iraq little by little is an invitation to disaster, yet President Barack Obama persists in the practice. Obama vowed U.S. more »»

Common sense is missing far too often in our society today

April 29, 2016 The famous work “Common Sense,” written by one of the founding fathers, Thomas Paine, was something of a handbook for American colonists thinking of forming a new government in 1776. more »»

Convoluted method for choosing delegates needs reform

April 28, 2016 The voting in Pennsylvania’s primary election may be over, but debate and anger over the convoluted nature of delegate selection has just begun. more »»

Light punishment for IRS scandal leaves little assurance it won’t happen again

April 27, 2016 Many Americans probably believe the First Amendment is our ironclad guarantee of freedom of speech. more »»

Pa. voters have rare chance to participate in meaningful presidential primary

April 26, 2016 By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a nuclear fallout shelter for the past several months, you’re no doubt aware that today is Election Day in Pennsylvania. more »»

Poll gives glimpse of Pa. voters on eve of primary

April 25, 2016 Below are the highlights of the April 2016, Franklin & Marshall College Poll of registered Pennsylvania voters. Complete results can be found at more »»



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