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Removing Confederate flag isn’t about pride, it’s about prejudice

June 24, 2015 No matter how much we as a nation would not care to admit it, the history of the United States of America is one that contains a lot of good and bad. more »»

If feds can’t protect top-secret items, how safe is your personal info?

June 23, 2015 Claims all the personal information on tens of millions of Americans being collected through Obamacare is secure sound less reassuring in light of a massive cyber security breach a few weeks ago. more »»

Keystone exam strategy doesn’t pass the test

June 22, 2015 School districts and the professional educators they employ should decide whether a student is ready for graduation, not a state or federal bureaucrat or a testing service. more »»

Drones are not just fun and games

June 20, 2015 Retail chain Sam’s Club announced recently it is expanding its inventory of drones well ahead of the Christmas shopping season. more »»

Congress needs to bring EPA back under control

June 19, 2015 Conservatives in the House of Representatives finally are using their most powerful weapon — spending authority — in an attempt to stop the Environmental Protection Agency’s assault on coal and... more »»

If no one is held accountable in government, nothing will change

June 18, 2015 One might think that when the government pours billions of dollars into a program, there would be some oversight to ensure the money is not wasted. That would not be an accurate assumption, however. more »»

Congress needs to hit Obama where it hurts ... his wallet

June 17, 2015 Members of Congress fed up with Barack Obama’s imperial presidency finally have decided to use the one tool they have to compel his administration to at least cooperate with Congres. more »»

How can you trust somebody you know is lying?

June 16, 2015 Iranian leaders have achieved enormous success in their “trust us” assurances that their massive uranium enrichment program is aimed at nuclear power, not atom bombs. more »»

Supreme Court needs to put cap on executive power

June 15, 2015 A critical case involving the national health care law “probably shouldn’t even have been taken up” by the Supreme Court, President Barack Obama said this week. more »»

Obama White House has been as transparent as a brick wall

June 13, 2015 President Barack Obama’s administration, which he promised in 2009 would be the most transparent in history, instead is on track to set new records for concealing informatio. more »»

More needs to be done to protect Americans from hackers

June 12, 2015 Lock your front door and a determined burglar will merely climb through a window. Lock it and he may just break the glass to enter. As homeowners know, it can be very difficult to keep thieves out. more »»

It’s time for a long, hard look at U.S. strategy in Iraq

June 11, 2015 It turns out that Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s assessment that many Iraqis lack the “will to fight” against?Islamic State terrorists may be accurate. What to do about that remains a question. more »»

Without better money management, Social Security doesn’t stand a chance

June 10, 2015 Seventeen billion dollars is a drop in the bucket compared to the long-term fiscal challenges facing the Social Security program. more »»

If Pa. is truly a ‘swing state,’ then place primary earlier on calendar

June 9, 2015 Pennsylvania usually is regarded as a crucial “swing state” in presidential elections. more »»

Response so far to TSA failures not going to fly

June 8, 2015 Most of us who have traveled by air over the past 13 years have experienced the inconvenience of dealing with Transportation Security Administration screenings, random searches and regulations. more »»

Under new version of Patriot Act, NSA needs to be kept in check

June 6, 2015 Intelligence agencies want unfettered authority to invade our privacy. It is in the very nature of spying organizations such as the National Security Agency. more »»

Lawmakers from coal country must stand with Walker for affordable power

June 5, 2015 Not a single ton of coal is mined in Wisconsin. Complaints about President Barack Obama’s war on coal may not resonate with many in the Badger State, where mining provides no jobs, But Wisconsin Gov. more »»

There is no longer any good reason for export ban on American oil

June 4, 2015 Oil and natural gas are being used as geopolitical weapons like never before in history. Russia’s Vladimir Putin has become perhaps the world’s most skillful, effective practitioner. more »»

Use of Iraqi forces to combat Islamic State needs to be re-examined

June 3, 2015 U.S. officials should rethink how military assets are being used in the fight against Islamic State terrorists, President Barack Obama said Monday. more »»

Courses may evolve but high school still teaches same lesson

June 2, 2015 Each year at this time, as another school year comes to an end, we see a brand new crop of freshly-minted young adults graduate from high school, one of the landmark achievements of anyone’s lifetime. more »»



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