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Newspapers remain vital to the communities we serve

October 7, 2014 Virtually every profession, industry and special interest has its own annual celebration. Did you know October is National Popcorn Popping Month? Many observances are purely for fun. more »»

Investments in disease research would be money well spent

October 6, 2014 In all likelihood, you have never heard of Hendra Virus Disease or Chapare Hemorrhagic Fever. You probably do know about Ebola, howeve. more »»

U.S. must get serious about closing our southern border

October 4, 2014 Imagine yourself as an illegal immigrant who has managed to sneak into the United States from Mexico. You are caught by Border Patrol agents. They tell you they are allowing you to go your own way. more »»

Secret Service must do better job of protecting our president

October 3, 2014 President Barack Obama should be livid about revelations over the Secret Service’s failures in protecting him and his family. All Americans should be angry. more »»

Voters need more choices, not fewer, for public offices

October 2, 2014 The two-party system in today’s politics can be frustrating at times. Alright, most of the time. more »»

Holder’s successor needs to be much tougher on drugs

October 1, 2014 Attorney General Eric Holder, who is stepping down, will not be missed by Americans worried about the drug abuse epidemic. more »»

Obama needs to see that we don’t fail to ‘connect the dots’ again

September 30, 2014 President Barack Obama admitted Sunday what most observant Americans already knew:?Once again, U.S. intelligence agencies failed to “connect the dots” on a terrorist group. And once again, U.S. more »»

Proposed bills a good step in drug problem fight

September 29, 2014 During four statewide hearings regarding the heroin epidemic this past summer, the bipartisan Center for Rural Pennsylvania confirmed a lot of suspicions surrounding the problem. more »»

Congress should do more than just be cheerleader for our troops

September 27, 2014 When our armed forces go to war — and make no mistake about it, they have — Americans rally in support. more »»

Security lapses at White House cannot be tolerated

September 26, 2014 Omar J. Gonzalez was carrying a knife when he stormed into the White House Friday evening. What if he had been equipped with a bomb? Gonzalez, a military veteran, clearly is mentally unbalanced. more »»

Benefits of space probes far outweigh cost

September 25, 2014 When it comes to exploring the planet Mars, a half-billion-dollar investment can go a long wa. more »»

‘Terrorist’ and ‘Muslim’ are not synonymous

September 24, 2014 Oklahoma state Rep. John Bennett, a Republican, is using old rhetoric to breed hatred and fear. Bennett came under fire when he encouraged his Facebook friends to be wary of Muslim-Americans. On Sept. more »»

Using gambling to fund local, state governments is still a losing bet

September 23, 2014 More than 5,000 gambling-industry workers have lost their jobs over the last year as five Atlantic City casinos have closed in response to a saturated East Coast gambling market. more »»

Arming Syrian rebels a repeat of past errors

September 22, 2014 Most of President Barack Obama’s proposal for destroying the Islamic State terrorist group seems logical. Unfortunately, U.S. more »»

Schools need to be held accountable

September 20, 2014 A Senate bill intended to prevent public school systems from hiring pedophiles or drug abusers may be necessary, but it misses an important point:?What if school administrators don’t know they are... more »»

Pa. Legislature is like game of ‘duck, duck, goose’

September 19, 2014 In a way, the Pennsylvania General Assembly operates like the children’s game Duck, Duck, Goose. If you’re not familiar with the game: A group of children sit in a circle. more »»

It’s hard to fathom compelling U.S. interest in Yemen

September 18, 2014 President Barack Obama last week cited the targeting of al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen as a successful effort to fight terrorists who threaten the United States. more »»

News reports, not advertising, should be where you learn about candidates

September 17, 2014 First of all, judging from its online trailer, “Breeding Farm” is a really horrible horror movie. There’s a character called Mr. Cannibal. He kidnaps women to breed and abuse on his farm. more »»

‘Lone wolf’ is most dangerous type of terrorist

September 16, 2014 Let us hope Department of Homeland Security officials took note of recent remarks by their boss, Jeh Johnson, on a major terrorism threat. more »»

More decisiveness needed from Obama to combat ISIS

September 15, 2014 Decisiveness clearly is not President Barack Obama’s strong suit. more »»



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