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What difference does one vote make? Ask our local candidates

May 21, 2015 When people who otherwise could are asked to explain why they didn’t vote, one of the most common responses is some variant of “What difference does one vote really make?” Ask some of our local... more »»

Pa. pension reform: Can crisis situation end partisanship?

May 20, 2015 After years of deadlock, any state pension reform legislation getting out of committee can be counted as progress. more »»

Bloated Pa. Legislature needs to be downsized

May 19, 2015 California has nearly 39 million people, making it the nation's most populous state by a fat 12 million. It has 120 members in its legislature. Texas is No. more »»

Pension reform should top state budget agenda

May 18, 2015 Pennsylvania has a $50 billion public employee pension debt. That's a lot of zeroes. more »»

‘Ethics’ office seems to have conflict of interest regarding Clintons

May 16, 2015 Imagine yourself as a State Department ethics office employee, asked for opinions on the propriety of activities that earn your boss’ family millions of dollars. more »»

Local primary is certainly worth your time and participation

May 15, 2015 We know that at this time of year, many of you roll your eyes when you see us writing about the importance of voting in the upcoming election and this year will be no differen. more »»

Obama seems to be the only one who doesn’t realize his mistakes

May 14, 2015 A genuine foreign policy crisis is occurring, and President Barack Obama’s reaction to it betrays his clear failure to comprehend the peril his ongoing missteps have created. more »»

Government can’t handle authority it has, so why give it even more?

May 13, 2015 It is being suggested the government should place new restrictions on the natural gas industry, to prevent public safety and pollution problems. more »»

Someone should be held accountable for EPA misdeeds, even if that’s lawmakers

May 12, 2015 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is very conscientious about telling Americans, both businesses and individuals, they have to clean up their air emissions, water discharges, etc. more »»

Time for a smaller General Assembly

May 11, 2015 Pennsylvania operates the largest full-time Legislature in the country. more »»

‘Reform’ of IRS after scandal leaves much to be desired

May 8, 2015 Just one Internal Revenue Service official lost her job over harassment of non-profit organizations for political reasons, to our knowledge. more »»

If Kerry looks in mirror, he’ll know why Saudis got involved in Yemen

May 7, 2015 Officials in President Barack Obama’s administration have become worried about military intervention in Yemen by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia, it was reported this week. more »»

To make informed decision, you must first be informed

May 6, 2015 Let’s say for a moment you need a new car. You go to the dealership and the salesman hands you a list of the vehicles that are available. more »»

All Americans should defend all free speech; even speech we don’t like

May 5, 2015 Initial indications were that two gunmen killed during an assault on an art exhibit in Garland, Texas, were motivated by extremist Islamic hatred. more »»

Local politicians need to speak up

May 4, 2015 When a local politician comes calling this month for your vote, here's a question to ask: If you're elected to office, will you speak up for me? While every candidate will say yes, voters should... more »»

Why wasn’t man on gyrocopter stopped before reaching Capitol?

May 2, 2015 When Florida mailman Douglas Hughes flew his tiny gyrocopter onto the U.S. Capitol grounds a couple of weeks ago, he did more than make a statement on the need for political campaign finance refo. more »»

Obama needs to acknowledge 1915 Armenian slaughter as genocide

April 30, 2015 For seven years, now, President Barack Obama has annually broken a promise. more »»

IRS sold out America’s taxpayers to help Obamacare

April 29, 2015 More than 8 million times during the past few months, the Internal Revenue Service’s telephone system hung up on taxpayers who wanted help. more »»

Immediate action needed on Nepal

April 28, 2015 Nearly a million children in and near Nepal are in “urgent need” of humanitarian aid because of the massive earthquake on Saturday, UNICEF said yesterday. more »»

Extended hours at some Pa. bars is recipe for rowdiness

April 27, 2015 State. Rep Jordan Harris of Philadelphia has “brain drain” on his mind. more »»



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