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Obama concerned more with politics than making decisions

April 24, 2014 It has become clear politics is the only thing preventing President Barack Obama from deciding whether to approve the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. more »»

Surprise! National debt is growing faster than before

April 23, 2014 Americans seem to have become numb to worry about our astronomical national debt, already at $17.5 trillion. more »»

On Earth Day, Americans can be proud of success

April 22, 2014 Today has been set for the annual observance of Earth Day, focusing on environmental quality throughout the world. In that context, Americans have much about which to be proud. more »»

EPA should consider regulations’ true costs

April 21, 2014 Few federal officials have the kind of virtually unbridled power enjoyed by the Environmental Protection Agency. more »»

Lessons that should have been learned in Boston

April 19, 2014 With this week’s one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing comes the realization that it might not have occurred had U.S. intelligence agencies merely heeded warnings from Russia. more »»

Give water, sewage plans priority over ‘alternative’ work

April 17, 2014 Clean water and effective sewage treatment are serious, immediate environmental concerns for tens of millions of Americans in rural areas and small towns where funds for such purposes are limited. more »»

‘Budget’ proves Congress must be taken from liberals

April 16, 2014 It used to be that liberals were known as the tax-and-spend crowd. Now they are the tax, borrow and spend group, as a federal budget proposal unveiled last week makes plai. more »»

Stabbing incident just underlines the need to learn more

April 15, 2014 Sometimes it must seem to the public that the more researchers learn about homicidal teenagers, the less we really know. more »»

Shooting shines light on urgent need

April 14, 2014 Programs to help U.S. servicemen and women suffering from mental challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder, have been around for decades. Clearly, more effort needs to be put into them. more »»

Tax Freedom Day grows later, later

April 12, 2014 Tax Freedom Day for Americans, on average, is April 21 this year. more »»

Franklin rampage a reminder that no place is safe

April 11, 2014 Students at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, have been buying tickets for the prom, griping about make-up days because of snow cancellations this winter, studying for tests and, in... more »»

Around the world with little kids but little common sense

April 10, 2014 Adults have every right to take risks, as long as they understand that if taxpayers have to foot the bills to get them out of jams, they will be liable for part or all of the cost. more »»

Housing ‘reform’ should only bring less government

April 9, 2014 It is difficult — with good reason — to believe that any “reform” initiated in the U.S. more »»

Why the secrecy regarding Holder's personal flights?

April 8, 2014 Nearly 400 airplane flights that were taken for personal reasons by Attorney General Eric Holder and other top Justice Department officials were not included in government reports on use of aircraf. more »»

Why brag about the Obamacare shell game?

April 4, 2014 It is not really amazing what a combination of coercion and giveaways can accomplish in a year. more »»

Trial lawyers try to influence politics everywhere

April 4, 2014 Trial lawyers — the people who make fortunes through lawsuits that result in awards far beyond the real damage suffered by plaintiffs — may have become the top special interest group controlling U.. more »»

Samaritan law needs more study

April 3, 2014 Pennsylvania lawmakers shouldn’t procrastinate about considering a measure that would provide immunity from arrest and prosecution for a drug user seeking medical assistance for an overdose victim. more »»

It’s easy to make a villain of natural gas industry

April 2, 2014 The state's Independent Fiscal Office, a nonpartisan office of the state Legislature, recently reported that Pennsylvania's taxes on the natural gas drilling boom are among the lowest in the nation. more »»

Eagles are dying in windmills; Obama says OK

April 1, 2014 It should be clear to Americans that President Barack Obama’s opinion is that the law is what he and he alone says it is — even if it encourages wholesale slaughter of bald eagles, the nation’s... more »»

Give thanks for those who fought blaze in ‘Terrace’

March 29, 2014 A police and fire scanner sits in our newsroom, as it does in just about every daily newspaper in the country. That scanner is an important news-gathering tool. more »»



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