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Much closer look needed at EITC

May 16, 2014 The Earned Income Tax Credit can be a blessing to low-income families. It also has been a bonanza for tax cheats — and the Internal Revenue Service cannot seem to stop the. more »»

Ruling takes campaign funding dictatorships to another level

May 15, 2014 A federal judge in March ruled that a new breed of political money machine — superPACs — can get involved in Pennsylvania elections. more »»

Science does not mix with Obama’s EPA operatives

May 14, 2014 Science, not politics, guides environmental policy in his administration, President Barack Obama insists. No, it does not. more »»

Motorcycle safety laws result in fewer crashes

May 13, 2014 PennDOT Secretary Barry J. more »»

Congress needs to use common sense on VA resignations

May 12, 2014 Members of Congress should apply a simple test to the American Legion’s demand that Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and two high-ranking subordinates resign. more »»

Still much to learn about Benghazi

May 10, 2014 Defenders of President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deride every new attempt to get to the bottom of the September 2012 attack on the U.S. more »»

Energy policy now insanely backward

May 9, 2014 A demonstration of the topsy-turvy, self-defeating nature of U.S. energy policy is being provided right now in Washington, D.C. U.S. senators are debating a major energy bill. more »»

Political meddling and our military

May 8, 2014 As chairman of a special U.S. Senate committee investigating logistical aspects of how the U.S. was conducting World War II, then-Sen. more »»

Infectious diseases worthy of close study and funding

May 7, 2014 Several years ago, the book and resultant movie “Outbreak” sparked some public interest in diseases that spread like wildfire and are virtually impossible to treat. more »»

Officials must be held accountable for wrongdoing

May 6, 2014 You’ve seen it happen dozens of times: A government official breaks the law. He or she is severely reprimanded and forced to resign. And there the episode ends. more »»

How widespread are hate crimes?

May 5, 2014 Institutionalized bigotry was abolished years ago in the United States. Yet, as we are reminded regularly, some Americans’ hearts still are closed to the idea of equality. more »»

Another slap at Israel from our current leaders

May 3, 2014 Sometimes it seems as if so-called diplomats in President Barack Obama’s administration are more interested in alienating American’s friends than standing up to the enemies of liberty and equality. more »»

Senate should act fast on pipeline bill

May 2, 2014 President Barack Obama is fond of using executive orders to pursue his agenda even when Congress disagrees. Perhaps it is time for lawmakers to return the favor. more »»

Just hand over all of your money

May 1, 2014 It is no wonder the federal government is confused about what is fair and right, when it comes to consideration of the Social Security Administration’s now-halted program in which tax refunds were... more »»

U.S. manufacturing gaining, but can it keep up the pace?

April 30, 2014 Perhaps the most important report on the U.S. economy in years was released last week by a private consulting company. more »»

More broken promises about alternative fuels

April 29, 2014 Boosters for the “alternative fuels” industry, which could not exist without hefty government subsidies and requirements for use of its products, make grandiose claims. more »»

Sometimes, ‘security’ is just a cover up

April 28, 2014 It is understandable that the armed forces, the nation’s intelligence agencies and the White House want to avoid disclosure of information that may be harmful to national security. more »»

The source of liberty

April 28, 2014 WASHINGTON - In a 2006 interview, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said the Constitution is “basically about” one word — “democracy” — that appears in neither that document nor the Declaration o... more »»

Be careful when new ‘green’ fuels are being touted

April 26, 2014 Thoughtful, perceptive environmentalists are coming to realize some of the panaceas suggested as ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are no more than political hot air. more »»

Uncle Sam should not be Big Brother

April 25, 2014 Most Americans can understand why law enforcement and national security officials want access to information about us — though there are serious, in some cases overriding, invasion of privacy... more »»



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