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Why can’t Obama understand that Iran can’t be trusted?

January 23, 2016 President Barack Obama wants us to believe anti-American Iranian officials are our friends now. They can be trusted, he insists. more »»

Obamacare is more concerned with quantity than quality

January 22, 2016 Like shady salespeople who need to meet quotas, federal officials in charge of the Obamacare program are far more concerned with numbers than quality care for customers. more »»

Hillary avoiding the truth is nothing new

January 21, 2016 During a debate Sunday with rivals for the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary Clinton pledged to retain the Obamacare insurance system. more »»

Why are Obama, Reid afraid of more rigorous screening of Syrian refugees?

January 20, 2016 Already approved by the House of Representatives, a bill requiring rigorous screening of Syrian and Iraqi refugees who want to come to the United States is being taken up by the Senate. more »»

Apologies to Jordan for our president’s behavior

January 19, 2016 Americans may have no better friends in the Muslim world than the people and leaders of Jordan. Even before Islamic terrorists began making headlines on Sept. 11, 2001, Jordan was our ally. more »»

It’s past time to get serious about our national debt

January 18, 2016 No nation on earth has a battle tank capable of matching the U.S. M1 Abrams. It is simply unbeatable in combat. more »»

Open Line

January 18, 2016 Editor’s note: Comments published in the Open Line reflect the views of the caller, and not The Sentinel. more »»

It’s not right to force workers to join unions against their wishes

January 16, 2016 Labor union leaders may have had their fingers crossed, hoping no one would spot the Achilles heel in the self-preservation argument they have used so successfully for many years. more »»

Obama’s SOTU remarks on energy take dishonesty to whole new level

January 15, 2016 President Barack Obama may have taken intellectual dishonesty to a new high in talking about energy during his State of the Union speech Tuesda. more »»

Pennsylvania’s financial picture remains locked in limbo

January 14, 2016 If Pennsylvania weren’t drifting in budgetary limbo, the news that the state’s incoming General Fund revenues for the first six months of Fiscal 2015-16 were $168 million above projections might be... more »»

Is EPA trying to manipulate some of its own studies?

January 13, 2016 Whether the science on energy-related issues is settled apparently depends on whether it is politically correct. more »»

Revenue from end of outdated tax must somehow be made up for

January 12, 2016 When taxes are created they don't always stand the test of time. more »»

Both parties should be concerned about presidential overreach

January 11, 2016 A“non-traditional” State of the Union address will be presented by President Barack Obama this month, his aides have told reporter. more »»

UN can’t lose credibility it doesn’t have

January 9, 2016 Japan’s ambassador to the United Nations warned Wednesday the world body will lose credibility if it does not respond decisively to North Korea’s claim it has tested a hydrogen bomb. more »»

If Congress would, it could rein in Obama’s abuse of executive power

January 8, 2016 Members of Congress do not always get it right. But our system of government mandates that when corrections need to be made, they will be up to voters at the ballot box or, occasionally, the courts. more »»

Nuclear war is huge threat that our next president must face

January 7, 2016 Nuclear war is a “real and growing danger,” former defense Secretary William Perry warned last week. There can be no reasonable argument about that. What is open to question is what U.S. more »»

End-of-life counseling could be at top of slippery slope

January 6, 2016 Millions of older people who rely on Medicare will find the health care program is different this year. Several changes have been made to reduce costs and allegedly improve qualit. more »»

Social Security fix is needed sooner, not later

January 5, 2016 Another year has come and gone with neither Congress nor the White House doing anything to ensure Social Security is viable for future generations. more »»

It’s high time to put an end to ‘solar socialism’

January 4, 2016 Americans can only wonder how much good $38 billion would have done to help utilities find ways to burn coal with less impact on the environment. more »»

Happy New Year ... if Uncle Sam owes you money

January 2, 2016 Among America’s creditors, 2016 promises to be a good new year indeed. Our national debt will top $19 trillion sometime during the year. more »»



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