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Yet another reason Islamic terrorists must be destroyed

December 27, 2014 If peace-loving people throughout the world needed any more evidence Islamic terrorists must be wiped out, it came last week. more »»

Jeb Bush needs to prove he’s nothing like his brother to be good president

December 26, 2014 Amid a horde of potential republican nominees for president in 2016, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush became the most discussed last week when he revealed he is actively considering runnin. more »»

The magic of Christmas

December 24, 2014 There are many days throughout the year that are special. Your birthday, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day ... the list goes on and on. more »»

Rewarding corruption

December 23, 2014 It is nothing new that the penalty for malfeasance in federal government often is a promotion. Another example of the practice surfaced this wee. more »»

The Pentagon pork barrel

December 22, 2014 While several dozen members of Congress had specific concerns that prompted them to vote against a $1. more »»

Living in fear isn’t really living

December 20, 2014 The reasoning behind major movie theater chains choosing not to show Sony Pictures’ latest film “The Interview” — and Sony’s subsequent decision to not release the film — sounds reasonable when you... more »»

Discussion of CIA’s actions sets America apart

December 19, 2014 Release of a report on CIA use of torture to get information from a few captured Islamic terrorists raises more questions than it provides answer. more »»

Obama never lets a crisis go to waste

December 18, 2014 Politicians are eager for the public to think they are doing something about whatever issue draws the largest headlines at any given moment. more »»

Congress needs to keep tax break for conservation easements

December 17, 2014 Many Americans live within a few hours’ drive of valuable, often beautiful, natural areas preserved in part because of a federal tax break. It ought to be made permanent. more »»

Management problems at Pearl Harbor need to be resolved quickly

December 16, 2014 Some national parks and historic sites are much more than beautiful places and reminders of our heritage as Americans. more »»

CIA must not be a law unto itself

December 15, 2014 Much of the contents of a Senate report on use of torture by the CIA was known before the document was released this week. more »»

Congress needs to keep tax breaks intact

December 13, 2014 Members of Congress have many priorities on their agendas during the next few weeks. One of them — continuing tax breaks on which millions of Americans rely — ought to be at the top of the list. more »»

Obama’s style of managing the Pentagon clearly isn’t working

December 12, 2014 What if a key, prestigious position in the federal government was open — but the president was having trouble finding someone interested in filling it? That would — or should — send a message to the... more »»

Net neutrality is the only choice

December 11, 2014 Imagine a world where the fastest anyone’s car could drive was 35 miles per hour. Unless, of course, you were able and willing to pay a monthly fee to be able to drive 55 miles per hour. more »»

Buying local keeps your money local as well

December 10, 2014 As Christmas draws nearer, many of us cast nervous looks at our shopping lists and wonder how we will get it all done. more »»

What have we learned from Pearl Harbor?

December 9, 2014 There is a famous quote attributed to philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. more »»

Lest we forget

December 8, 2014 People are caught up in the getting-ready for Christmas that seems to begin earlier each yea. more »»

Realistic ‘toy’ guns can present very real dangers

December 6, 2014 Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice of Cleveland probably would be alive today had he not brandished a realistic-looking gun when challenged by a police officer. more »»

Congress should demand EPA accountability

December 5, 2014 White House aides say that if Congress attempts to establish new requirements that the Environmental Protection Agency disclose information such as the scientific basis for its rulings, President... more »»

Obama shouldn’t ignore advice of his military professionals

December 4, 2014 As leaks from the Pentagon grow in the wake of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s decision to step down, it becomes apparent part of the problem has been White House micromanaging of the military. more »»



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