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It’s hard to fathom compelling U.S. interest in Yemen

September 18, 2014 President Barack Obama last week cited the targeting of al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen as a successful effort to fight terrorists who threaten the United States. more »»

News reports, not advertising, should be where you learn about candidates

September 17, 2014 First of all, judging from its online trailer, “Breeding Farm” is a really horrible horror movie. There’s a character called Mr. Cannibal. He kidnaps women to breed and abuse on his farm. more »»

‘Lone wolf’ is most dangerous type of terrorist

September 16, 2014 Let us hope Department of Homeland Security officials took note of recent remarks by their boss, Jeh Johnson, on a major terrorism threat. more »»

More decisiveness needed from Obama to combat ISIS

September 15, 2014 Decisiveness clearly is not President Barack Obama’s strong suit. more »»

When trying to eliminate terrorism, it’s never ‘mission accomplished’

September 13, 2014 If President Barack Obama manages to destroy the Islamic State terrorist organization through an international coalition, the odds are he will make the same mistake committed by his predecessor,... more »»

On somber anniversary, U.S. still threatened by terrorists

September 12, 2014 Islamic State terrorists and other bloodthirsty organizations of their ilk will be eliminated as threats to peace only if the United States and other countries go on the offensive against them. more »»

The jihadists’ eternal plan

September 12, 2014 Here's the first and last rule of Islamic jihad: If at first you don't succeed, plot, plot again. 9/11 wasn't the first. 9/11 won't be the last. It's not "fear-mongering" to face reality. more »»

Monitor your children online for their own good

September 11, 2014 Parents are advised regularly and strongly to monitor their children’s online activities. The Internet is a jungle in which many predators stalk naive youngsters, it is explained. On Aug. more »»

Is Obama really ready to safeguard Americans?

September 10, 2014 President Barack Obama was to reveal at least the outline of a policy for dealing with Islamic State terrorists this week. He planned to discuss it Tuesday with congressional leader. more »»

To regain respect, NCAA needs to stop being bully

September 9, 2014 The National Collegiate Athletic Association did the right thing on Monday when it announced that it will allow the $60 million fine it levied on Penn State University as punishment for the Jerry... more »»

Ignoring Congress on climate change treaty would violate constitution

September 8, 2014 Our nation’s founders disagreed on a multitude of issues about how to govern the United States. But on one thing they put their partisanship aside for the good of future Americans. more »»

Obama’s policies have killed productivity

September 6, 2014 Americans are renowned the world over for finding ways to work more efficiently, to produce more goods and services with less labor. For about half a century, beginning in the late 1940s, U.S. more »»

Who is buying oil from ISIS and what are we doing about it?

September 5, 2014 Islamic State terrorists are a greater threat than al-Qaida ever was. That is because they possess several advantages al-Qaida never enjoyed. more »»

Obama needs to heed warnings of ISIS intentions

September 4, 2014 Comments Sunday by members of Congress familiar with the threat of terrorism should set off alarm bells in the heads of thoughtful Americans. more »»

Tax refunds may take health care hit

September 3, 2014 It might be a little early to be throwing up red flags about income tax returns, but if you are one of the millions of people getting tax credits to help pay for your health insurance premiums, you... more »»

Our basic freedoms seen as fair game

September 2, 2014 Frustrated that the Constitution enshrines Americans’ freedom of speech, including that in which they spend money to speak out on political candidates, a few liberals in the U.. more »»

Celebrate responsibly this weekend

August 30, 2014 For many folks in this area and around our country, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer as kids are already back to school and the local football season is upon us. more »»

VA scandal still leaves much to be explained

August 29, 2014 It will come as no surprise to those who watch the government closely that the Department of Veterans Affairs has concluded it was not responsible for the deaths of veterans kept waiting for care at... more »»

Complacency can have dire consequences

August 28, 2014 Here’s news for you: The FBI and Department of Homeland Security say there are no “specific or credible” threats to Americans from Islamic State terrorists. more »»

Officials must do all they can to stop terror threats

August 27, 2014 Americans have gone abroad on their own to fight for many causes during our nation’s history. more »»



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