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Common sense is missing far too often in our society today

April 29, 2016 The famous work “Common Sense,” written by one of the founding fathers, Thomas Paine, was something of a handbook for American colonists thinking of forming a new government in 1776. more »»

Convoluted method for choosing delegates needs reform

April 28, 2016 The voting in Pennsylvania’s primary election may be over, but debate and anger over the convoluted nature of delegate selection has just begun. more »»

Light punishment for IRS scandal leaves little assurance it won’t happen again

April 27, 2016 Many Americans probably believe the First Amendment is our ironclad guarantee of freedom of speech. more »»

Pa. voters have rare chance to participate in meaningful presidential primary

April 26, 2016 By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a nuclear fallout shelter for the past several months, you’re no doubt aware that today is Election Day in Pennsylvania. more »»

Poll gives glimpse of Pa. voters on eve of primary

April 25, 2016 Below are the highlights of the April 2016, Franklin & Marshall College Poll of registered Pennsylvania voters. Complete results can be found at more »»

John Kasich is best, most experienced choice for president

April 23, 2016 Think of the last time you interviewed for a job. Among the things you were probably asked on an application or included on a resume was what level of prior experience you have. It makes sense. more »»

If Obama’s policy isn’t helping Cubans, why does he persist in it?

April 22, 2016 When he changed U.S. policy toward Cuba in 2014, despite widespread opposition in Congress, President Barack Obama insisted his goal was to improve life for the people of that island country. more »»

Congress is making it easier, not harder, to waste taxpayers’ money

April 21, 2016 Remember when Congress said it was eliminating earmark spending? Absurd wastes of taxpayer money through pork barrel projects were going to be a thing of the past. Not so fas. more »»

Protect yourself from the sun before heading out into it

April 20, 2016 We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some fabulous weather the past few days here in the Juniata Valley, including temperatures getting into the neighborhood of 80 degrees on Monday. more »»

Censorship and banning books from schools is un-American

April 19, 2016 Nearly everyone agrees censorship and banning books (or, rather, eliminating access to books) are wrong ... except for that one book he or she disagrees with or that makes him or her uncomfortabl. more »»

EPA should cease operating under a double standard

April 18, 2016 When the tables are turned, the U.. more »»

So much for ‘bias toward openness and transparency’

April 16, 2016 Sometimes, sweeping unpleasantness under the rug does work. more »»

Unlike others, Kasich has real plan to make college affordable

April 15, 2016 For young people, few issues are as interesting and important as finding ways to make college education affordable. Ohio Go. more »»

Victims of child sex abuse deserve more time to come forward

April 14, 2016 The Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to give victims of sexual abuse as a child more time to sue and prosecutors more time to bring charges against perpetrators. more »»

Supreme Court accommodation of deaf attorneys was long overdue

April 13, 2016 In a sign of progress that’s long overdue, the Supreme Court next week will make special accommodations for roughly a dozen deaf and hard-of-hearing attorneys to be admitted to the Supreme Court bar... more »»

US owes no apology to Japan for use of atomic bomb in WWII

April 12, 2016 On Monday, John Kerry became the first U.S. secretary of state to visit Hiroshima, Japan — infamously, the site of the world’s first atomic bombing in 1945 during World War II. more »»

FBI probe needs to be free of political influence

April 11, 2016 Politics rules everything in Washington, even at the top levels of the Justice Department. more »»

DEA ‘war’ on drugs can’t even get off the ground

April 9, 2016 It probably is a good thing bureaucrats like those at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration were not in charge of arming the United States for World War II. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, De. more »»

Hiking minimum wage, forcing paid leave helps some but hurts others

April 8, 2016 How would you feel if, as you were about to pay for some bread and milk at the grocery store, the cashier stopped and said, “I’m going to have to add some to your bill. more »»

Train crash should prompt look at how to prevent such incidents

April 7, 2016 Sunday’s crash of an Amtrak train near Philadelphia brought to 20 the number of serious railroad accidents in the United States during the past year. more »»

Voting districts should be drawn based on legal resident population

April 6, 2016 The Supreme Court ruled Monday that voting districts should be drawn based on total population, rather than just the tally of eligible voter. more »»



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